Private chef at home in Amsterdam

Culinary refinement from the comfort of your home

A private chef in Amsterdam, I offer you an unforgettable private dining experience that includes anything the rich European kitchen has to offer. Tell me what you like, and I will compose a genuinely mouth-watering menu.

Would you like…

  • …a fully custom-made menu,
  • …made mostly of local, Dutch products
  • …without putting in any work?

Contact me for more information.

Sit down, relax and enjoy the party

So you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic dinner? Host a party to celebrate a milestone, or simply enjoy a great night with good friends?

You want the event to take place in a private setting but without the hassle of preparing dinner. After all, you want to spend time with your guests instead of your saucepan. And you want to offer an exquisite experience. Green gazpacho with 13 ingredients, anyone?

A private chef at home in your kitchen is everything you need.

I even bring the napkins

Before your dinner party, we will discuss your wishes. Is there anything that must be on the menu? Or can’t be? How many courses would you like? And do they come with a wine pairing?

Based on your preferences, I will put together a menu for you to approve. Then, about one hour before dinner, I will arrive at the place of your choosing to bake the bread, set the table and prepare the dishes.

I will bring everything – from skillet to meat cleaver and from plates to decanters. You home will be transformed into a private restaurant. And at the end of the evening, I will leave your kitchen as clean as a whistle. All you have to do is sit down, relax and enjoy the party.

Private chef for 2 to 2,000 people

To make something from nothing: that’s what I love doing.

My name is Laurens Liezenberg, and I live in Amsterdam. At 16 years old, I started working at Bijenkorf, a high-end department store that housed a restaurant with an à la carte menu. While still in college studying hospitality management, I was given more kitchen responsibilities. By the time I was 22, I was chef de cuisine, and not long after, I took on the food and beverage management as well.

The streamlined teamwork, the food plating, the deadlines every 5 minutes – I loved it all. And I was ambitious. While employed at Bijenkorf, I worked as a trainee in several restaurants, including (then) Michelin Star restaurant operated by Herman den Blijker. Anything to improve my skills and increase my experiences as a chef.

But over time, other career opportunities beckoned. I explored retail and eventually landed a job as the managing director of a large wholesale company. I learned a lot, but it appears I was born to cook. I missed it sorely, so in 2017, I returned to the kitchen.

Since then, I have established a catering business, a lunchroom and a private dining service. I have worked in board rooms and catered in homes, at large events and for world-renowned sportsmen. As a result, I am well-versed in hosting private dinners for groups from 2 to 2,000 people.

What are a private chef’s costs?

Below private chef’s costs are based on menus for 6 people or more. Are you hosting a smaller group? Then contact me to discuss the options.

  • 4-course menu: € 89.-
  • 5-course menu: € 99.-
  • 6-course menu: € 105.-

Prices include appetizers, bread, butter, dinnerware and cutlery.

Additional options:

  • Pre-dinner drinks
  • Extra bottles of wine: € 25.- (on recalculation)
  • Wine pairing (waiting staff is included with a wine package for 6 people or more)
    • For a 4-course menu: € 30.-
    • For a 5-course menu: € 39.-
    • For a 6-course menu: 45.-
  • Waiting staff

Yes, I can make do with your kitchen

Sometimes, people hesitate to hire a private chef for a night if they have a small kitchen. Don’t worry! All I need running water and a stove. I have worked in gourmet restaurants but am equally comfortable at a campsite.

If you want to host a private dinner party, don’t let your home limit your options.

Wish to hire a private chef for a night?

Feel free to contact me! I would love to discuss how I can offer you the exclusive restaurant experience you are looking for.

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